Cheryl Cole Wears Shapewear In Her New Music Video
Mon 09/27/2010 9:34 am

Previously on this blog we’ve discussed the idea of wearing control shapewear as a way to highlight your gorgeous body in a sexy black outfit. Of course, we were assuming you were going to wear your articles of shapewear as they are intended to be worn: under the clothing.

But apparently that isn’t the only way to wear them. The lovely English singer and songwriter Cheryl Cole was spotted wearing shape briefs during her tribute to Madonna look in the new music video for “Promsie This.”, which informed us of Cole’s shapewear wadrobe decision, had this to say:

“The whole video looks a little like a comic strip, or like it’s inspired by Sin City, with all the monochrome and silhouettes. Cheryl looks gorgeous throughout of course, and we have totally fallen in love with the embroidered dress we see her in first, but in that blazer, does she not look a bit Victoria Beckham-ish? We’re not sure about the song yet, but we love the video.”

Watch the video of Cheryl Cole in shapewear below:

  • cheryl cole

    Is this fake ‘singer’ still clinging to anyone who can turn her into a star? trying desperately to get with Rihanna now and still hanging on to Simon Cowell’s shirt tails and she knows she is nothing without him. Sad woman. Everyone says Nicole is fake but not faker tha Cheryl Cole. At least Nicole is not racist.

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