Did Ya Hear? Celebrities Are Just Like Us!
Wed 08/25/2010 7:22 am

A lot of celebrities will do anything to keep themselves looking perfect for the public eye. Usually they do pretty well. There’s the occasional wardrobe malfunction — it’s usually a problem with underclothes, or lack thereof — but for the most part, celebrities look pretty good.

But know this! Their closets and drawers may be filled with designer gowns and shoes, but they’re also filled with shapewear to make sure the clothes fit nicely.

“But… they’re famous!” you might be exclaiming. “They’re PERFECT. … Aren’t they?”

The short answer is no, no they’re not. They’re just like the rest of us. Oh sure, there are people like Megan Fox, who apparently hate exercising and dieting and still look great, but frankly, Megan Fox is a freak of nature. She’s probably closer to her character in Jennifer’s Body than anyone realizes, feeding off young Hollywood hopefuls to retain her youth and beauty.

Anyway. The point is, that celebrities are no different from the woman buying control top pantyhose or a weave at the drugstore — they just have more money, and are able to buy more expensive and therefore less conspicuous pantyhose and weaves. But they do buy them, and they wouldn’t look nearly as good as they do without those cellulite shorts and waist cinchers.

  • Dora Lee

    This is pretty cool

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